• “I am taking part in a clinical trial,” a conversation with a patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.
    We are very pleased that you agreed to an interview. We would like this interview to familiarize the patients with the subject matter of clinical trials from the point of view of a patient involved in a modern medical program. What do you do in your every day life? How do you spend your free time? I work in accounting. After work I’m a housewife taking care of hearth and home. Whenever I have a […]
  • Many patients ask: What is rheumatoid arthritis (RA)?
    Let me make clear that it is a disease characterized mainly by chronic inflammation in the joints. Initial symptoms include pain and swelling of the joints, morning stiffness, and sometimes stiffness after prolonged periods of immobility during the day. RA is a chronic disease that requires years of treatment. It is very important to know which drug cures the disease and how it works, what […]
  • The rights of clinical trial participant
    The most important rights of clinical trial participants worth mentioning are: The patient has the right to complete information related to participation in the trial. If that information is incomprehensible, the patient has the right to further clarification by the doctor and the staff cooperating with the researcher A voluntary consent of the patient to participate in the trial is necessary. […]
  • The importance of clinical trials at GLOBE CLINICAL STUDIES
    For decades, we have had access to many effective innovative medications and vaccines that are used to the benefit of people throughout the world. Developing modern drugs is a very complex process in which researchers, research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies work together to form partnerships through which GLOBE conducts clinical trials involving doctors and patients. The cooperation of […]
  • GLOBE CLINICAL TRIALS – the largest research company in south-western Poland
    The foundation of our company is the passion of its founders, and the desire to create and change the world around us. Many years of experience and high competence in the area of health care led us to respond to the needs of all patients who wish to have access to the latest therapies and molecules – even those in clinical trials. This is how the company GLOBE CLINICAL RESEARCH came to be the […]