A2 Clinic

A2 Clinic provides medical services mainly in the field of outpatient specialist care and comprehensive dentistry. The clinic is located in a modern and comfortable building equipped with modern diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Patient comfort and safety are the most important aspects in our clinic. They are guaranteed which by a staff of experienced specialists and strict adherence to medical procedures and patient care standards. We focus mainly on prevention and comprehensiveness of services.

In the field of dentistry we are the leading clinic on the local market. Our clinic offers the combination of aesthetic dentistry with cosmetology and aesthetic medicine procedures. We have specialist clinics in the field of dermatology, surgery, orthopedics and gynecology, neurosurgery, psychiatry.

Our professional experience experience, the expertise of the doctors and personnel, combined with the latest treatment methods and modern technology guarantee the highest quality of services to the satisfaction of our patients. Over 10 thousand have already used our services.

A2 Clinic
ul. Broniewskiego 87a
58-309 Wałbrzych
tel: +48 74 666 87 77